2020-10-15 22:06

Big Update Version 196

Hello This is Rity Online
We're sorry for late and as we said
we was prepare for a big update we did it for right now!
Checkout and update your client now.
Version 196-: if you have any problem remove "Temppath" from game folder.
We got a stupid problem and we updated the server again
from 194 to 196 as two updates we lost! but we don't care.
anyways, lets announcing the update information-:
1. Added New D8~D23 [NightMare Models]
2. Added 2x new Quests to Rity Special Rare NPC Items
1*[Quest Mobs (Samarkand Basts)] reward 150 g.c everytime!
2* [Quest Job Temple (Thieves/Traders/Hunters] teleport from jg
Reward: ModelSwitcher D20 Flaxen as new model with a required glow these days.
3. Added new D17~D23 [Flaxen,DarkStar,Ruby,Dawn] glows to Rity!
4. Added from 17 to 19 in npc for coins / gold
5. Fixed and edited "Dawn ModelSwitch Glows"
6. Added new "Survival Arena Simulation" to Survival Arena Job
7. Added New Dark Wizard and "Black / Silver Humans" to Avatars NPC For Coin!
8. Removed Verifited Mark and back the beginner mark again!
9. Added new "M.T.D Donation Scroll" as a effect and gift free for donators!
10. Added new "Hell Hound Pet" to Special Dealer for coins/gold
11. Added new "2 Avatars" [Black Editions] (Angel Wing & Dark Halloween) Male & Female
12. Removed EXP / GOLD from everyone, and we have just sent to everyone "10M Gold and 1M EXP to avoid back to 119"
13. Balanced Chinese Skill is fixed and there is no specific level to increase or reduce.
You can use any builds now u like with balanced free passives!
14. Increased bow skills . fixed something wrong!
15. Added new Version of Demon Shaitan Titan(STR) to avoid cheaters in weekly challenge
16. Back the old Coin " Silver Coin " to the server!
17. NPC: has a Chest / Lottery Scrolls
Chest = Random Gold Coin Scroll
Lottery = Random Gold Money Scroll
You can get anything u like by use any scroll of this
Chest = 16 Silver Coin
Lottery = 20 Silver Coin
Q: where i can get the Silver Coin?
A: its from Battle Arena only
Winners: 16 SC
Losers: 4 SC
Afkers: Dc directly after 250 seconds no chance.
(Warning) any spy , cheating will be blocked char for a 1day
as we're said,, its just small punishment then after it'd be a big.
18. Changed the Location of "Hotan Registeration Clerk NPC"
you can register in fortress in your just place.
19. somewhere was there are a some warps must be sz but its was a problem but we got it and we fixed it finally
20 Added new titles and fixed All NBC Wings .
thanks for read it was important ?
joinus, give it try. i'm really waiting for u ?
2020-09-25 16:04

Legendary Update #1

Hello RitySRO Online,

  1. We have updated the server with a legendary update
  2. so, we're sorry for late of maintenance.
Changelogs #3
1. Removed "Non/Max Scrolls"
2. added Advs +6 (E) to Npc for just 1 gold
3. Increases the plus of "Weaps/Shields" only In npc +11
4. added new Maxed Plus adv " (C) " in npc for same prices.
5. added new "Black Edition Avatars" to Donation Section.
6. removed stun from "Seth"
7. increased the rate of spawn mobs from 50% to 100%
8. Reverse Immolation "Easy Reses" for cleric is opened.
Reverse Immolation modifactions-:
You can use it alltime
003 Seconds and back to play.
9. added "Verifited Mark" for Beginners.
10. added three versions of "Arabians-Shaitan/Karkadann/Khulood(STR)"
in the same areas. as random places!
11. added new "D17/D18/D19/D20/D21/D22/D23" models
12. added new "Purple-Red-Green-Yellow Godblessing Scroll" has a fantastic effects.
easy prices with 7days and 28days. in Special Rare Items npc
13. added 3x new models to NPC for gc/ac "D17/D18/D19"
14. Model Remover Modifcations
Now you can change any model any glows to anything you want.
As we said, that you should be have the old style to change it to
new glow as on your choice, its was blabla, and was disabled
so You can change it through any dg u want. for free!!
15. Fixed the pvp "wiz/cleric & wiz/warlock" damage and increased the aboses. for magical int as they can be so fair as competitors.
16. added Verifited Mark + "Donation Soldier" for donation players, so anyone haven't this mark, after your order by a just 5mins, you will get a one ?
enjoy and have fun!
2020-09-07 19:57

New Update V.192

Hi there,
New Update #2 version. 192
1. added new Dark Wizard Avatars
2. Removed prem/honor 7days from the start item
3. added Premium / Honor 7days at Special rare items npc
4. Increased the rate of dropping ac mobs from 40% to 50%
5. added new titles for Weekly Uniques & Unique Ranking
6. added devil spirit magic stone to Special rare items npc
7. added "Wizard Force" to increases your hp by 1573.
8. added "Balanced Chinese Skill" in force to fix the chinese build in pvp / uniques.
9. the prices has been modificated.
Hp/MP scrolls
= 25 Arena Coin
Zerk Hwan Potion Scroll
= 50 Arena Coin
Devil Spirit Magicstone
= 200 Gold Coins , / 30M
Premium 7Days
= 350 Gold / Arena Coins
Honor 7Days
= 150 Gold / Arena Coins
Legendary Devil +8
= 1 Gold
Flag 9.9
= 1 Gold
10. fixed attack pets.
11. added new "Battle Unique" for madness
12. reduced the hp of Arabian Slayer uniques
13. reduced the hp of Roc
14. increased the hp of Arabian Khulood/Karkadann/Shaitan
15. added gender switch items at f10 for a free silk.
Name: final defense gender switch tool
16. fixed up to level 121.etc fixed EXP rates
17. fixed Black Santa Avatar Female
18. removed " Res scroll 100% " from npc.
wait for the next update we have a great surprise for you, be ready!
2020-08-25 11:35


We decided to do the first changelogs after a long thought

Update version.191
Changelogs #1
1. After alot of suggesstions we have decided to spawns mobs drop "Arena Coin" with a low rate.
Mobname: Bast
Drop rate: 50%
Location: Ong Habitat
2. Added sockets at "Jangan Accessories NPC" for easy prices.
from 5 gold coin , 10 arena coin to 5~10 arena/gold coins
3. Increased the prices of max pluses scrolls by "Arena Coins"
Non Pluses scroll too.
4. Modifications
1* Recuded all hard uniques hp
2* Removed Arena Coin from all uniques
3* Added "Gold Coin" to all uniques also normal.
4* Reset skill scroll's price now is 50 Arena Coin
5* Zerk Scroll's price now is 50 A.C / 10 Gold Coins
6* 100% Res Scroll's price now is 200 A.C / 35 Gold Coins
7* Fortress registration is on now.
8* Hotan Fortress war will start today at 7:30 PM GMT+2
5. FGW is fixed and the boss monsters curreny modifications=
1* = 55~60 Gold Coins
2* = 79~80 Gold Coins
3* = 100~101 Gold Coins
4* = 150~151 Gold Coins
Added "Verifited title" for trusted men.
We'll choose a 5 later.
6. Temple Uniques are fixed for now and edited by a better than before with a new high rate drops.
Temple Modifications=
1, 12:00 AM(Afternon)
2, 3:00 PM GMT+2
3, 6:00 PM GMT+2
4, 10:00 PM GMT+2
5, 1:00 AM(Tonight)
15 GC ~ 15 Z.S
7. Event So-Ok "Capture The Flag"
1, 12:35 AM (Afternon)
2, 01:35 PM GMT+2
3, 02:35 PM GMT+2
4, 03:35 PM GMT+2
5, 04:35 PM GMT+2
6, 05:35 PM GMT+2
7, 06:35 PM GMT+2
8. Fortresswar (Rewards)
1) Hotan Fortresswar: Friday
1,000 Gold / Arena Coins / 250M
2) Hotan Fortresswar: Tuesday
8,00 Gold / Arena Coins / 100M
9. Survival Arena Job
Unique Modifications=
FTR: Recuded hp of Flame Survival Boss / Minotaur guard
drop: 149~150 Gold Coins
10. Added new "Legendary King Kong" unique
spawns every 2 hours at "Karakoram Ancient Remains"
as picture shows.
79~80 Gold Coins
11. Capture the flags (Rewards)
Winners: 30 Gold Coins
Losers: 5 Gold Coins
Capture The Flag
1 Gold Coin per kill
25 Gold coins for winning team if "RED or BLUE"
reward will be sent automaticaly after the end of the ctf at your storage.
joinus: www.rity.online
2020-08-23 16:51

Grandopen day!

  • Server is currently online

Hello folks, enjoy and have fun , its the best grandopen atall ... remember that we can't even think about donation section in these days of the grand opening. so we'll postponed the donation section to later

  • Default infos.

Server information CAP 120 , DG13 , Play2win Eu/CH , EuMastery: 240 l ChMastery: 480 it s full fair atall Job based Job Temple based Full stable. Arena,Capture the flag, Survival Arena, We have a Superstar features of the Filterhwid,

  • Give the rity a try.

You can give the Rity a try and join the big hype ever, in d13 real pvp servers in eternal silkroad CAP 120 , D13 , Play2win what u are waiting for? You will guys join the oldest school server + version atall

Server Status

    • Players Online: 80 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: 0 / 0

  • CAP 120
  • DG 13
  • Mastery 240/480
  • Type PVP
  • EXP 1x
  • Party EXP 1x
  • Max Opt +20 with adv
  • Battle Arena Enabled
  • CTF Enabled
  • Guild Limit 32


  • Servertime: 23:51:40
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Friday - Monday

Fortress War

Last 10 Unique Kills

  • TomVJerry has killed Crazy Elder (INT) 2 mins ago

  • fjksfjksfjks has killed Babilion 3 hours ago

  • Than has killed Awesome Wizard 3 hours ago

  • fjksfjksfjks has killed Legendary King Kong 3 hours ago

  • fjksfjksfjks has killed Amazing Archer 3 hours ago

  • SirBodaa has killed Jupiter 3 hours ago

  • Lina has killed Uruchi 3 hours ago

  • fjksfjksfjks has killed Arabian Khulood 3 hours ago

  • TomVJerry has killed Tiger Girl 4 hours ago

  • __B_E_S_O__ has killed Crazy Elder (INT) 4 hours ago